Edited by Jean-François Augoyard.
Bernin, Editions la Croisée, 2010, 527 p.
Collection « Ambiances, Ambiance »,

Book edited with the help of the french Direction of Architecture, CRESSON
(Grenoble) and CERMA (Nantes) laboratories and ambiances.net

In September 2008, an International Symposium organised by the “Ambiances Architecturales et Urbaines“ laboratory in Grenoble, brought together near to 300 architects, planners, landscapers, environmental designers, artists, psychologists, philosophers and sociologists. They have suggested answers, talked about and compared their experience, and raised questions prompted by current practices in the built developed space. Resulting from this Symposium, this book aims to cross over various ways of addressing the concrete nature and the creating atmosphere through three main questions. What makes an atmosphere?  How is an atmosphere or an ambiance created? How does one make an ambiance in an architectural or town planning project?

Waiting for an English version of Creating an Atmosphere, abstracts in English will help the readers to understand the content of the lectures and contributions.


Conférence 1.     Faire une ambiance? (J.F.Augoyard)
Chapitre 1.          Qualification.
Conférence 2.     Fondements cognitifs de la perception de l’espace. (A.Berthoz)
Chapitre 2.          Multisensorialité.
Conférence 3.     Un paradigme pour une esthétique des ambiances : l’art de la scénographie. (G.Böhme)
Chapitre  3.         Représentation.
Conférence 4.     Construire pour le temps d’un regard. (G.C. François).
Chapitre 4.          Échelles.
Chapitre 5.          Les enjeux des ambiances.
Ouverture.          Vers un réseau international des ambiances.  (J.P.Thibaud)
Annexe 1.           Performances, Medias, Design.
Annexe 2.           Laboratoire organisateur.
Annexe 3.           English Abstracts.


Source: http://www.ambiances.net/index.php/fr/publications/276-faire-une-ambiance


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