../mediateletipos))) {Since April 2004}

Mediateletipos.net is an online publication in blog format devoted to the spreading of aural culture, sound art, audiovisual activism and the creation with new media.

The project is run by several editors, all of them active in different areas of cultural, social and artistic production. The main intention is bringing together any kind of information related with the subjects of the web, but also activating the reflection and the discussion, trying to contribute to the generation of new models of society adapted to the current situation, supporting the open source spirit and questioning the hegemony of the official institutions and corporations. It is a collective and independent investigation far from the main groups of production.

The web works also as a digital media library which offers tools for the critical use of the web, generating a database of actions and practices and putting them at everyone disposal in a open, free and public manner. Culture is a dynamic social construction and one of our aims is to narrate it and record it in real time.

Source: http://www.mediateletipos.net/about

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